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Welcome to Sampedro & Torres

Welcome to Sampedro & Torres

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The needs of today require everyone to have suitable tools to make accurate decisions in defense of their own interest, not only nimbly, but wisely and earnestly. The crime is a source of risk to our rights, as well as the abuse of the criminal law, so all we should be able to act accordingly in an eventual process. Aware of this, we have implemented an approach of litigation and integral legal advice, based on quality, competence and opportunity inspired in strict principles of ethics, professionalism and loyalty, with the client and the judiciary.
Sampedro & Torres Is a law firm specialized in criminal law and criminology that has served for over 25 years to individuals and legal entities, both from private and public law, residing in Colombia and abroad. When the issue extends to disciplinary law, The Firm also render advises and offers legal representation in this legal area before the Procuraduría General de la Nación.

To this end, we have partnered with companies and professionals that provide services related to the auxiliary sciences of the criminal law, that often are essential to the achievement of the goals proposed. In this way, the client counts with experts, among others, in forensic psychiatry, forensic psychology, criminal investigation, financial analysis, fingerprinting, forensic documentation, printing, mapping, photography and all the areas necessary for the proper handling of evidence.

Sampedro & Torres

25 YEARS of Experience

The needs of today require everyone to have the right tools to make precise decisions in defense of their interests, in an agile manner but with prudence and seriousness. The crime is a source of risk for our rights, as well as the improper use of criminal law, so we should all be able to act properly in a possible process.
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In addition to the partners, Sampedro & Torres is comprised of an important human team of which specialized lawyers, with a master's degree in criminal law and criminology, some in the process of specializing, law students and administrative staff.
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